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The Church at Carrs Lane

Counselling/Support, Homelessness/Housing


The Church at Carrs Lane meets in the very centre of Birmingham.We are a diverse, gathered, open, growing and welcoming Christian community drawn from a wide variety of faith backgrounds. We believe in the importance of engaging directly with the wider life of the city. We are growing in confidence as we seek to be ‘incarnational’ Christian presence in the city. Much of what we do has a commitment to justice at its heart; this is a church which deliberately seeks to be inclusive; it is also a church in which honest questions and careful thinking are encouraged.

Birmingham continues to change very rapidly; the ‘Education Quarter’ is growing quickly on our doorstep. The church is located on the edge of the city centre’s major retail experience We are utterly committed to providing a wide range of opportunities for Christian worship, service and witness at the heart of the city.

The Counselling Centre - What type of counselling do we provide?

We are a registered charity whose aim is to provide a low cost counselling service to the community for adults 18 or over.

We provide a confidential service within a safe and comfortable environment where you can gain an understanding of the challenges you face and the emotional distress you may be experiencing.

We use a person-centred/integrative model. Our approach is non-judgemental and focuses on a relationship of trust between you and your counsellor. This encourages you to explore the options available to you and support you to make decisions which will enable you to work towards living in a more satisfactory way. We offer one to one, couple and group therapy.

We hold Service Accreditation Award from The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

What problems do we work with?

Our counsellors will support you with a variety of issues including:
Bereavement, Low self-esteem, Depression, Loss, Mental, verbal or physical abuse
Relationship challenges, Anxiety and panic attacks, Counselling Centre, Signage
Phone, 0121-643-6363 email,

The Homeless Ministry - Street Banquets
In response to a pious statement, “Blessed is anyone who eats bread in the Kingdom of Heaven”, Jesus tells a parable. This is the story of a king who is throwing a dinner party and he decides to invite his friends to join him for the celebrations. But, one by one, each of those people who were asked to the dinner turn down the invitation for what they consider to be very valid reasons. On hearing their excuses the king is ‘hopping mad’, and he orders one of his servant to go out into the lanes and back alleys and invite those folk who are never invited to a party. By doing so, the most needy of society become honoured guests and receive a taste of God’s New World.

That parable told by Jesus has been the inspiration for us to run what we call ‘Street Banquet’. This regular event of food and fellowship began about seven years ago in the redundant graveyard on Park Road (behind the Birmingham Polish Centre), before moving indoors, first of all at the Methodist Central Mission, and then for the past two years we have been meeting at The Church at Carrs Lane.

A week before each Street Banquet invitations go out to members of the city’s Street Community. Over the years these invitations have been distributed through outreach teams, the Help Desk at St Martins’, and now by the staff of Sifa Fireside. We have a team of volunteers who act as chefs, waiters and befrienders, and they have been drawn from a variety of churches and students from the Queen’s Foundation.

In our attempt to be faithful to the message of Jesus’ parable, those who attend the Street Banquet are treated as honoured guests, and the number of those honoured guests has been increasing at an alarming rate during recent months. Thirty invitations are sent out with the understanding that people can bring companions with them, which has meant that we cater for anything up to one hundred people. By the grace of God and the culinary skill of our kitchen team, everyone who comes is welcomed and fed.


The Church at Carrs Lane
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