Linking Churches & christian
organisations who stand alongside the
vulnerable in Birmingham & Solihull

About us

Standing in the Gaps supports and encourages collaboration between Christians who stand alongside people in our city region who have fallen into financial and/or emotional support gaps.

It is more than a simple database!

It is a navigation tool to help those standing in the gaps identify others with relevant knowledge, experience and aspirations to share together. It addresses the challenge of finding people who relate to different networks or areas from our own.

Links listing

Everyone who signs up to Standing in the Gaps is asked to provide a list of partnerships that underpin their work. This provides information about the links and relationships that exist between and across the many informal networks of our city region. This will help visitors to Standing in the Gaps navigate their way around unfamiliar networks.

Link box

If you have signed up to Standing in the Gaps, the link box is for you. It a place where you can receive help from the staff at Birmingham Churches Together to find a connection/person with the knowledge, information or experience you are looking for.

In order to keep the website live and up to date, all data will be refreshed annually and if it is out of date it will be deleted.


As a new initiative, we would value your feedback and comment about the website. Is the format helpful? We will welcome any comments about how it may be improved or developed in the future. Feel free to email with comments to: The website is funded by Birmingham Churches Together and managed in partnership with Thrive Together Birmingham.