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Betel UK

Addiction/Substance Abuse, Homelessness/Housing, Unemployment

  • Address: Windmill House Weatheroak Hill Alvechurch, Birmingham B48 7EA
  • Contact Name: Maria King
  • Contact Tel: 01564 822 356
  • Website:
  • E-mail:


Desperate lives need alternatives now. Living in the UK are thousands of broken people who need help today and too few residential places available to offer them the hope of freedom and a future. The problems of homelessness, family breakup, long-term unemployment and substance abuse continue growing as funds to address them shrink.

Betel of Britain’s purpose is to rescue those on the slippery slope towards ruin and despair who want to rebuild their lives but can’t get into overburdened, under-funded state provision.

Betel is a safe, structured environment for making a fresh start in life. Our residents often compare it to an extended family. It’s a place where hurting people feel accepted, where they are enabled to help themselves. It’s a refuge where they can gradually rebuild self-dignity with life’s two building blocks that elude them most: meaningful relationships and meaningful work.

Meaningful work is vital to long-term recovery. It takes many forms, from the gentle introduction to the necessity of daily chores in our residences, to the responsibility of managing a Betel business in the local community. Daily teamwork helps to build job skills, diligence, punctuality, dependability, self-esteem and respect for supervisors.
Residents are supervised and orientated to the realities of today’s working world in one of Betel’s workshops or businesses, namely:
- Furniture repair
- Restoration and Upholstery
- House Removals and Clearances
- Garden Maintenance and Landscaping
- Painting and Decorating
- Charity Shop Retail Sales
- Vehicle Repair


Betel UK
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